The Best of UIUC

July 8th, 2008

Sure we’re over a year removed from our last day of class on the campus of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, but that doesn’t matter. We’ve got memories (if only we hadn’t drank so much) to last a lifetime. So with that in mind over the next month, CadaverBlender, along with our friend Rick at Guide to Campus, will bring you a collaborative effort to present, The Best of UIUC. Read more »

The fireworks are due in a few hours and hopefully you’re not drunk yet … Today CadaverBlender presents its first super post! We’re tackling two great issues on what could be the best holiday of the year. First off, every great 4th of July event has great patriotic music, let us explain the best ! Then stay tuned for the best foods to serve at your 4th of July cookout! Why over extend the intro when theres so much to read!

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Family Guy: Five Favorites

June 30th, 2008

There’s been 110 Family Guy episodes. Rarely are they not worth your time. Even when it’s not at its best, Family Guy is funny enough to keep you from the doctor. Laughter is, of course, the best medicine. Family Guy takes the worst of all of us and throws it into a 20 minute festival of laughs. There’s Jew jokes. There’s fart jokes. There’s sexist and racist jokes. They say the things we all want to say but rarely say or keep to a select few. Here’s 10 (make that 9 there’s one repeat) episodes that are the pinnacle of the show. Which episode must you watch when its on? Read more »

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

June 24th, 2008

With July right around the corner the All-Star Break is almost here. That means baseball is almost relevant again. I said almost. So its time to get out to the stadium and cheer your team on. While I’m a major advocate of watching games at home (I don’t have the space here to list all the advantages it has) its nice to get out to the stadium for a few games. Its even better if the park is an architectural gem or fan friendly. So with that in mind CadaverBlender presents its favorite baseball stadiums. As you’ll notice, CadaverBlender knows how to pick great parks. Read more »

Well this is a post you should be expecting … we told you some of the best early summer activities, how to stay entertained without pricey tanks of gas, and what to drink as you’re doing it all. So you’re probably wondering what kind of tunes fit summer best. Enter Cadaver Blender. We’re going to give you ten songs each which can easily fill a CD and keep you entertained for the rest of the summer. Just be prepared to have the people in your car saying oh I love that CD, can you make me a copy of it?

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Its been a daytime television mainstay for decades. Our pet population is somewhat in check thanks to its host. It bridges the gap between retirees and pre-schoolers. The show is The Price is Right. Its catalog of games is nearly endless and always entertaining. Some games take skill, while others a lot of luck. But no matter what, it helps if you either shop or check the ads as it requires extensive knowledge of actual retail prices. CadaverBlender is here to bring you our favorite games. If you’re looking for a description of all the games through the years, The Complete Pricing Game Directory is your source.

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We all love summer, lets face it – vacation, road trips, baseball games, bags, swimming, softball, golf, sitting around outside, sitting around in air conditioning, reading CadaverBlender’s frequent summer updates – those are the things that make summer awesome. But one thing makes each one of them infinitely better … a refreshing summer beer, so heres your guide …

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With the economy in the dump and gasoline prices through the roof there is no way you’re going on vacation this summer. Sure I just returned from a week at the beach, but clearly I’m the exception to the rule. You’re not going anywhere, except maybe a tanks worth of gas away, which qualifies as a staycation. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Louisville, KY or Chicago, IL metro areas you’re in luck, CadaverBlender has a handful of staycation destinations you should visit. Pack up the kids and head out on a day trip, your staycation awaits. Read more »

Summer Hibernation

May 28th, 2008

Jesus is on vacation. I wrote a whole post but well it didn’t seem right … plus I think he might enjoy this topic so why jade you with my side only. One thing I can promise you is an insane summer, right now we’re planning on putting CB into full production starting June 1 so … don’t touch that dial.

In the mean time I’ll play my own shit, it goes something like this:


So you’ve finally got your $600 rebate from the government that would have been better spent on research for alternative fuel sources, stem cell research, prosecuting crazy cults, time travel, or upgrading our pathetic school system. However Mr. President, in his infinite wisdom, thought giving everybody a few hundred bucks would stimulate the economy. So as long as you got the money you might as well spend it on something exciting (Note: For most it’d be best served going towards rent, groceries, gas, credit card payment, etc.). But if you decided to say “fuck it” and take care of those necessities later, than here’s a few ways to help spend that $600.
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