Our Mission

What’s our Mission?

Well if you spend as much time knee deep in corporate bullshit as I do, you know everything has a mission. Without a mission we’d all be running around like chickens with our heads chopped off. The mission drives focus. Right? Well if you really believe that this might be the wrong site for you.

In all reality Jesus and I simply decided that we had far too many opinions to simply rant about between ourselves and our loved ones. We’re very liberal on that “loved ones” concept and it may extend to family members, beloved pets, creepy neighbors…so on and so forth.

So we decided to publish some of these ideas…

Love em’? Leave a comment!
Think we’re retarded? Leave a comment!
Will you change our minds? Perhaps but unlikely. Leave a comment anyway!

The whole idea is to share what we think and hope it entertains. None of this is absolute and we’re the last people to take ourselves seriously. We’re here for the ride, just like you, so enjoy!

Keith & Jesus

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