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We all love summer, lets face it – vacation, road trips, baseball games, bags, swimming, softball, golf, sitting around outside, sitting around in air conditioning, reading CadaverBlender’s frequent summer updates – those are the things that make summer awesome. But one thing makes each one of them infinitely better … a refreshing summer beer, so […]

Summer Hibernation

May 28th, 2008

Jesus is on vacation. I wrote a whole post but well it didn’t seem right … plus I think he might enjoy this topic so why jade you with my side only. One thing I can promise you is an insane summer, right now we’re planning on putting CB into full production starting June 1 […]

This is CadaverBlender

March 12th, 2008

What do you get when the creator of Smelkem and the creator of Beavers and Ducks come together for a site that combines the best of both worlds, where nothing crosses the proverbial line? CadaverBlender, of course. What is our mission? Well if you spend as much time knee deep in corporate bullshit as I […]

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