College Pick’ems Week 2

September 5th, 2008

You’re in luck this week – Keith selects the totally inconsequential NCAA games to be picked. As it stands on the season Jesus is 5-0 and Keith is 2-3. Read the games and make your own picks, you have to care about at least one of these games (I sincerely hope you can understand the sarcasm!)


Keith: Navy, Robert Morris, Illinois, Howard, SDSU

Jesus: Ball State, Morehead St., Illinois, Georgetown, SDSU

Well no 5-0 for Jesus this week, Georgetown/Howard is postponed because Hurricane Hannah swept through the area. Jesus went 3-2 this week to move to 8-2 overall, and Keith went 2-3 again to move to 4-6.

Navy @ Ball State

We got off to a slow start this week, so naturally we texted our choices. Jesus picks Ball State, because he happens to have a man crush on Nate Davis. Keith picks Navy because he loves America … and the triple option offense.

Morehead St. @ Robert Morris

Jesus: Morehead State. There was one year at the Kentucky State fair when they passed out buttons that said “We Love Morehead!” and honestly I can’t disagree. Home state team for the win!

Keith: Watch this video and try and pick against Robert Morris, I can’t – welcome to the show!

Eastern Illinois @ Illinois

Jesus: So there was a time my senior year (soon after I got a significant haircut..seems familiar) that Illinois played Eastern Illinois and no matter how bad the Illini were they still won 42-17, so I definitely have the Illini in this one!

Keith: Eastern Illinois was only going to get one prospect in its history, they burned that with ROMO. Hopefully Illinois can put up some points and play good defense, ILL – INI!

Georgetown @ Howard

Jesus: Ok so Georgetown doesn’t have a Big East team, but that doesn’t mean they can’t beat the Bison of Howard. They totally ripped off the logo of the Buffalo Bills, so there is no way I can take them.

Keith: I like hanging out in Georgetown and I always have fun but I never feel the passion to root for them. I don’t own enough boat shoes, so I’m picking Howard.

San Diego State @ Notre Dame

Jesus: It really doesn’t matter how Irish I am or how Catholic I am, it doesn’t mean I have to cheer for Notre Dame. No matter how much I hate them, there is no way they can lose to SD State!

Keith: The reason god gave us Boston College is so that Catholics could root against Notre Dame, right? I’m picking SDSU as well … I personally enjoy ND losing and SDSU Basketball has a brand new player. Brian Carlwell transferred there in hopes to get some more playing time and forgetting that whole time his teammate left him for dead after a car accident.


Keith: Navy, Robert Morris, Illinois, Howard, SDSU

Jesus: Ball State, Morehead St., Illinois, Georgetown, SDSU

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