If there’s one thing that Keith and I are good at, its selecting the winner of NCAA games that rarely, if ever, matter in the scheme of the season. Sure it means something to the Towson graduate, or the Appalachian State football mom, but we’re not going to see any of these teams in late December nor on or after New Years (except maybe Illinois and their opponent, its an obligatory game to pick). So with Week 1 of the NCAA upon us, its time to make our selections. Feel free to join in in the comments.


Keith: Northwestern, LSU, James Madison, Illinois, Louisville

Jesus: Northwestern, LSU, DUKE, Mizzou, Kentucky

Looks like Keith brought a knife to the gun fight … Jesus moves to 5-0 and Keith settles in at 2-3. Tune in next week for more totally inconsequential football picks!

Syracuse @ Northwestern

Keith: I’m going with NU on this one, BIG 10 pride, only one team deserves to rock orange, and Pat Fitzgerald went to my high school (rumor has it he was an asshole, but not a cool asshole).

Jesus: There are going to be two things happening on this field that should never happen. One team is going to be decked out in the orange and the other sporting purple. Gross. The Orange suck. Northwestern by 10.

Appalachian State @ LSU

Keith: So the game is moved up because of Gustav, and this will decrease the effect of LSU fans, and I have a proclivity towards picking upsets, but I’m going with LSU, APP will be cold cold cold this year, won’t even be close.

Jesus: Can lightning strike twice? Unlikely. There is no way the defending national champs are going to lose to “Hot! Hot! Hot!” after what happened to Michigan last year. Things will be interesting for a quarter before the Tigers take this one big.

James Madison @ Duke

Keith: My roommate went to JMU and explained its about 70% females and 30% males, that must mean they’re good at football right? Well either way. I do not see Duke pulling a Kansas and turning a basketball powerhouse into a one year football miracle. JMU for the win.

Jesus: Mark it down, Duke will have a winning record for the first time in a long time (ever?) when this one is said and done. And after one win they’ll be half way to a spectacular season and two wins. But I’m getting way ahead of myself.

Illinois vs Mizzou (at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis)

Keith: My roommate freshman year firmly believed that every year Illinois was due to take down both the BCS and the NCAA, and that the Cubs were going to win the world series, at the time I really didn’t understand it, I let logic prevail. Then I realized, its a lot like praying – what does it hurt to believe you’re going to win? Actually I firmly have faith that we’re going to see some good QBing from Juice Williams and he will dazzle the “underrated” Mizzou defense. I’ll also predict we’ll see a dominate Vontae Davis – he will hopefully emerge as a leader of the defense. Say it with me kids, I – L – L

Jesus: I – N – I! Nope, I can’t do it. If you like offense and offense in bunches than this is the game for you. This is going to be more entertaining than any other game you’ll see opening weekend, so buckle up. But the National Title hopeful Tigers will be just a bit too much for a quasi-rebuilding (who is going to pick up Mendenhall’s absence?!) Illini team.

Kentucky @ Louisville

Keith: The Governor’s Cup! In the NFL arrests are negatively correlated to wins, applying this standard to Kentucky- I pick Louieville.

Jesus: Of all the games this weekend, this one is certainly a toss-up. So here we go. The Cardinals are heads, the Wildcats are tails…Tails it is. Kentucky in a close one.


Keith: Northwestern, LSU, James Madison, Illinois, Louisville

Jesus: Northwestern, LSU, DUKE, Mizzou, Kentucky

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