The Best of UIUC

July 8th, 2008

Sure we’re over a year removed from our last day of class on the campus of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, but that doesn’t matter. We’ve got memories (if only we hadn’t drank so much) to last a lifetime. So with that in mind over the next month, CadaverBlender, along with our friend Rick at Guide to Campus, will bring you a collaborative effort to present, The Best of UIUC.

Where’s the best place to grab a beer? What’s the best game to catch on campus? Where’s the best lecture hall? All those questions and many more will be answered over the course of this feature. Each week you’ll find a ranking right here at CadaverBlender and a different ranking at Guide to Campus later in the week. If you went to UIUC or if you just made a few visits as a guest please chime in with your own favorites. If you have no connection to UIUC feel free to list your favorite memory of the topic at hand from your time at college. So without further ado, lets get to it.

Cheap Kegs

Okay, so Cheap Kegs aren’t specific to UIUC, but they are most definitely quintessential to the college experience. And ultimately one keg in particular (as you’ll see) holds a special spot in CadaverBlender’s collective heart.

Guide to Campus (Rick)

3. Ice House

Cheap beer with more alcohol per volume? Screw the taste buds and goodbye brain cells! Ice House is typically one of the cheapest kegs you can find (a theme of my Top 3 list) and with more alcohol per volume, you can be certain that you will be good to go after your first three or four cups. If you are throwing the party, you will also get more bang for your buck and you can think twice about having to have to fork over another $50 for that second keg. Complete your party by providing some Everclear and maximize the alcohol intake!

2. Miller High Life

Barring any Kelly Miller references, High Life arguably has the most taste of the cheap beers. If only that funny black man on the commercials would show up to the parties where the High Life is present! He’d be good for a few laughs for sure.

1. Old Style

Go Cubs Go! I’m really just hoping that the creepy author (Keith) sees this entry and gives some props. This is more of a seasonal favorite, but when the Cubs are winning, no other keg tops it.

CadaverBlender (Keith)

3. You Don’t Need A Keg

As far as cheap kegs go, I only recommend two (see below). I highly recommend getting something not at the bottom of the price list (ie. miller or bud light). Chances are you aren’t willing to spend that much on some random strangers especially if there is no reasonable occasion – for instance a birthday. No no for the random strangers I recommend just throwing together a batch of Jungle Juice. What’s great about Jungle Juice? Well first off girls will use it to get drunk. Second off girls will use it to get drunk. Beyond that you have great opportunities for flavors … Orange, Fruit Punch, Blue, Green. The list goes on – just for the love of god don’t make grape (Jesus- NOT EVER GRAPE!). If you’re sick of Jungle Juice and need something unique – I highly suggest Strip and Go Naked. I first had this drink during Unofficial courtesy of Old Man. I honestly plan on making it again in the future, perhaps if not just to surprise guests at its ingredients. Because the parts of that Unofficial I remember were classic.

2. Keystone Light

I went to lots of parties featuring this and it was my king of cheapies. There were weekends Jesus and I went through a brick or two of these babies and it never stopped us from getting more the next weekend. Keystone Light is great because it goes down like water and if you spill some or waste it playing a game no one can really get mad, its not like you wasted good beer. One of my best memories of Keystone was a party thrown by Shears’ frat. Shears was a good friend and often brought us to good parties. Well on this occasion it was brutally cold out, record breaking cold – ask Jesus for the number (Jesus- Pushing negative 40 with the wind chill). Well anyway I remember finally getting in side and letting myself thaw up, but naturally I needed to put on my beer coat. Shears handed me a Keystone, and it was well slightly too warm. I remember thinking – wow I’m about to complain about free beer, all I kept saying was “What the fuck shears, you can’t get beer cold on a night like this with the natural assist? What the fuck!”

1. Old Style Light

This is a sentimental choice. First off – I miss having Old Style as it does not get distributed on the East Coast. I would probably only drink it in the summer and very occasionally if we had it but I still miss it. Old Style Light is a mix of a good light beer with a little bit of flavor. Its always towards the bottom of the list and its always in stock. What’s more important – it ties into one of the greatest stories ever. I won’t go into too much detail but during the last day of freshman year we snuck a keg into our dorm. It was a great accomplishment and documented in these photos.

So what’s your cheap keg of choice?

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