Well this is a post you should be expecting … we told you some of the best early summer activities, how to stay entertained without pricey tanks of gas, and what to drink as you’re doing it all. So you’re probably wondering what kind of tunes fit summer best. Enter Cadaver Blender. We’re going to give you ten songs each which can easily fill a CD and keep you entertained for the rest of the summer. Just be prepared to have the people in your car saying oh I love that CD, can you make me a copy of it?




Nightswimming- R.E.M
This song hits particularly close to home now that summers aren’t what they used to be. A lot of my favorite memories of summer, both long ago and more recent, involve nightswimming. Quiet night. Moon shining. Peaceful. But with summers now consisting of more work and less play, the longing and nostalgic gaze of Nightswimming’s lyrics makes it a quintessential summer song. Summer is supposed to be a time of freedom and innocence but most of that is lost when summer fades to fall. As the lyrics remind us, “September’s coming soon”.

Boys of Summer- Don Henley
Like “Nightswimming” this song is very reflective of summer coming to a close. Boys of Summer is Henley waxing poeticly about his summer fling. He’s trying to convince not only his fling, but himself, that its more than a summer thing and even with the return to a less relaxed and more structured schedule they’ll be able to remain together. The songs vivid imaginery of all things summer and the infectious beat make it a must have for any summer mix. (Note: The Ataris remake of this classic is not so bad. But I’ll take the original.) See also: Anything but Mine- Kenny Chesney

Down on the Corner- Creedence Clearwater Revival
CCR’s library is loaded with plenty of songs to put on your summer mix, but Down on the Corner does it for me. Its impossible to refrain from tapping your feet during this song. The band even encourages you to “bring a nickel, tap your feet”. Maybe its just me, but I can just imagine this actually happening: a group of musicians getting together on a street corner on a nice summer evening and just playing for those passing by. The song evokes the laziness and joys of summer.

Summer in the City- The Lovin’ Spoonful
This song chronicles the transition of the city from a hot dead place during the heat of the day to a bustling, happening place once the sun goes down. The song could be about plenty of cities across the world, but sometimes I feel like Louisville is the city from the song. During the day its almost too unbearable to do anything but hang out in the pool, but once the sun goes down everybody comes out to enjoy all the various summer activities the city has to offer.

In the Summertime- Mungo Jerry
Like the rest of the songs, this song is about the carefree days of summer. Maybe the most catchy of the bunch, you can’t not be happy when this song plays. For those whom have seen Wedding Crashers there is no better song they could have picked during the scene this song plays. What other song do you find such thought out lyrics, “Sing along with us dee dee dee dee dee, da da da da da, yeah we’re hap-pap-py”?

Summertime Blues- Eddie Cochran
“I’ma gonna raise a fuss, I’ma gonna raise a holler. About working all summer to try to earn a dollar”. Yep, that’s what summer has come to- summertime blues. Theres nothing worse than sitting in an office all day, staring out the window to the awesome day that is passing.

Other Songs

Just About Anything- Beach Boys
Black Water- Doobie Brothers
Sittin on the Dock of the Bay- Otis Redding
Night Moves- Bob Seger




I should mention that I love a lot of Jesus’ songs. I really wanted to fight him over a few of them like Mungo Jerry or Lovin’ Spoonful. Unfourtunately the way these songs ended up in my iTunes was usually me going “hey jesus, you know that song from Wedding Crashers?” or “hey jesus you know that song that goes “hot town summer city pretty girls” and he would quickly be like sure, you want me to send it over aim? So I thought they really belong in his list. And I had this great plan to include the Ataris version of Boys of Summer – but he ruined that by not exactly admitting he liked it, but acknowledging it.

40 oz to Freedom – Sublime
Much like Jesus’ mention of CCR, there are plenty of Sublime songs that work as great summer songs. I considered putting in Santeria and Caress Me Down but I ended up on 40oz to Freedom. This song is about waking up, drinking, hanging out with your friends, hooking up, passing out – rinse and repeat. Personally I can’t imagine a better summer. This song is probably an ode to addiction as evident by the idea that booze will set you free … then again we’re the same folks that snuck booze into the Kentucky Derby via sammich.

Hotel California – Gypsy Kings
Por el camino del desierto. This was the perfect way for me to enjoy an Eagles song without the Eagles. Its got that spicy latin flavor and lyrics I only kind of understand but for some reason I love it. It also helps me practice my spanish, the same way 99 Luftballons helped me master german. Where’s my XX and burrito?

Go Cubs Go! – Steve Goodman
During last season they started playing Go Cubs Go! after Cubs wins at Wrigley. So naturally this song invokes good feelings when I hear it. For a short time last season I had it as a ringtone but the cubbies suddenly started losing. I immediately removed the ringtone and things went back to good. I don’t know how many teams have personalized winning tunes but this one is a great way to remember its summer and the Cubs are probably playing right now, the real question is why you’re reading this blog right now?

Rock Show – Blink 182
I couldn’t wait for the summer at the warped tour! Talk about one of the best things to do during the summer. Go to a big concert – not just one big act, goto a festival with multiple stages. Its a great way to discover new music and listen to some new bands. You can dance and go nuts in the pit, sweat out a shirt or just do whatever. The only thing is that most of the time nobody sounds amazing at an outdoor venue the same way they sound in a club. I also considered Dammit or Wha’ts my Age Again? – definitely better Blink songs but this one felt the most summer-ish to me.

I Can See For Miles – The Who
Now this is my pick for the song to drive around with. Sure it won’t compete with the Escalade next to you blasting Lil’ Wayne but wow what a great attitude to adopt for the summer. It starts off kind of slow and just builds and builds. According to Wikipedia Paul McCartney called it the “heaviest” song he’d ever heard. I’ll be 100% honest to you I don’t really understand what that means and I’m not super confident I could having never done anything psychadelic.

Arizona Stand – Lucky Boys Confusion
I’m sure there were maybe a few people expecting multiple entries from this band on my list. I’m not that crazy but this is one of my favorite bands – they never really got famous but oh well (Our friend Rick recommends Hey Driver). Arizona Stand is basically a tune about partying and getting high in Arizona. For some reason I have this strong correlation between summer and partying. In this case the song alludes to the fact that good times don’t last forever – the same way that summer has to end.

Other Songs:
Stacey’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne – alright I’d like to hook up with a MILF poolside, sorry thats a dream.
School’s Out – Alice Cooper – summer can’t start until school is out.
Gin & Juice – Snoop Dog OR The Electric Gords – again that whole partying / summer correlation
Tiny Bubbles – Don Ho – Tiny bubbles make me warm all over!

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