Its been a daytime television mainstay for decades. Our pet population is somewhat in check thanks to its host. It bridges the gap between retirees and pre-schoolers. The show is The Price is Right. Its catalog of games is nearly endless and always entertaining. Some games take skill, while others a lot of luck. But no matter what, it helps if you either shop or check the ads as it requires extensive knowledge of actual retail prices. CadaverBlender is here to bring you our favorite games. If you’re looking for a description of all the games through the years, The Complete Pricing Game Directory is your source.



Jesus: Clock Game- This is one of the few games that you cannot play along with at home, and yet, its one of the most entertaining to watch. The rules are simple but the execution of the game is rarely very successful. Contestants excitedly yelling prices are often unintelligible while Drew Carey struggles telling them which direction the price really is, higher or lower. Lately Drew has called for a “time-out” so he knows the last price the contestant yelled, and I’ve even seen them give away a prize despite not being real sure if the contestant gave the right price. Madness at its best.

Keith: Flip Flop – You might notice this as a theme in my choices … but I like the games that are relatively simple … more of a coin flip than real skill. Flip flop is a great game because you have three choices, and they tell you that the posted price is not correct. You can flip one, flip the other, or flip both. That’s 33% odds for a blind and deaf guy … want to improve the odds? Just hit the button that reveals the price and wait for the host to flip out.



Jesus: It’s in the Bag- Just one of many games suited for the college student. With a chance to win $16,000 the contestant must successfully place the correct product (most often grocery items) in the bag with the correct price. Choosing only 5 of 6 items shown, the payout for each correct bag (starting at $1000) doubles but a wrong placement leaves the contestant with no money. The ultimate risk vs. reward, take the money or go for broke. It requires no luck. Its all based on your knowledge of regular household items.

Keith: Plinko – sure this is probably cliche. No game requires less skill. I really prefer a contestant that uses the audience a little bit but also uses a little of their own mind. Being a whore to the crowd maybe be a high percentage move but come on … you’re playing the game not all the loud mouths yelling NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I don’t hate Drew Carey doing the show as much as I expected I would.



Jesus: Cliff Hangers- Who doesn’t like watching a small mechanical mountain climber scale the mountain getting precariously close to falling off with each dollar off the retail price? Oh yeah and there is some seriously addictive yodelling music to accompany the climber’s movement. Shown three items contestants must guess the actual retail price of the items and for each dollar they are wrong the climber moves an equal amount of spaces. Picking one item at a time, the suspense builds to an ultimate climax when the climber will either survive or fall off the mountain (It’s even more suspenseful if you’re not good at math and can’t determine what’s going to happen before the climber moves).

Keith: Hitting Adam Sandler – While not technically a price is right game, it is a desire for anyone who sat through Little Nicky, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Click, The Longest Yard or the superclassic Spanglish. I would actually fly to California and jump up and down like an idiot with the rest of the audience if I could have a free shot at Sandler. I don’t even hate the guy, I find Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison funny, and even Zohan was pretty good … but come on theres a reason I just recently ended my 9 year drought of seeing Sandler movies.



Jesus: Pathfinder- This game gets mega props simply for the game board its played on. It also takes knowledge of car pricing, but not nearly as much as my #1 game. Standing on the first number of the car, contestants are surrounded by a sea of numbers and must correctly navigate the path of the correct price by either stepping right, left, foward, or backward. However with a misstep contestants get up to 3 more chances by selecting the correct price of an item shown.

Keith: Cliff Hangers – I judge a game by how entertaining the actual game is and how well it builds up disappointment. Its always great when someone approaches the top of the mountain. They have their fingers crossed hoping he stops … hoping … waiting … BAM he dies. Have I seen people blow their load on the first guess? Definitely. Have I seen it stop at 25? Hell Yeah.

The Yodelling Guy is fucking hilarious.

Numero Uno:


Jesus: Lucky $even- This is the ultimate game. As you may have noticed I did not include any games that involve much luck, if any at all. All the games require some to extensive knowledge of actual retail prices. There is no mercy with Lucky $even. There are no small prizes to save you. You either win the car or you don’t. With seven dollars in hand, and one dollar necessary to purchase the car, contests must successfully guess the last four digits in the price of the car. One off base guess, and you’re practically ruined. You have to know a focus is a $15,000 car and not a $19,000 car.

Keith: Shell Game – We at CadaverBlender do extreme research before writing these posts. Actually we were supposed to have this written yesterday but I spent too much time reading wikipedia about the games and watching all the YouTube results from “Price is Right Cheater”. The most famous cheater cheated at the Shell Game. Watch the clip. The best part about it at the end is when Barker turns on the sarcasm and really lays it in deep. “Ohhh this is exciting now … you’ve ruined my show … you’ve ruined my game … but everyone knows the damn thing is not there – its here!”

Remember to spay and neuter your children.

3 Responses to “Come on Down! The Best Price is Right Games!”

  1. Mark

    No mentions of Wilfred Bremley?

    But oh how I love the Price is Right.
    Others I enjoy are the Dice Game, One Away, and The Golden Road.
    Obviously, they all end up in winning cars.

  2. Jesus

    I meant to have a mention of “keeping Wilford Brimley employed for years” in the intro.

  3. reduction priceminister

    look forward to your coming updates. Saying thanks will not just be enough, for the great clarity in your writing. I will immediately grab your rss feed to stay privy of any updates. Pleasant work and much success in your business endeavors!

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