We all love summer, lets face it – vacation, road trips, baseball games, bags, swimming, softball, golf, sitting around outside, sitting around in air conditioning, reading CadaverBlender’s frequent summer updates – those are the things that make summer awesome. But one thing makes each one of them infinitely better … a refreshing summer beer, so heres your guide …


Keith: Old Style – I’m pretty confident my first beer was Old Style. I was mowing the lawn and my dad was working on something else in the yard. He had an old style set out on the chimney, and I sort of grabbed it and took down about half of it. He was a bit surprised and asked if I liked it. I think I said it was alright. Either way I can totally remember the sweaty can and the refreshing nature of that half a beer. This totally sounds like a horrible beer commercial … have to love the underage drinking. Well actually in my life to this point, a large majority of my total time spent drinking has been underage. Oh yeah and the keg we snuck into the dorms was Old Style Light, in case you don’t remember Lucy just think … it was about FOUR YEARS AGO! HOLY CRAP!!!! Oh yeah … go Cubs.

Jesus: Anything but Coors or Busch- While Summer Ale and 312 are both delightfully wonderful, when it comes to drinking outside (my #1 favorite activity when the weather is right) the only thing I need is nice weather and beer. Well any beer besides Coors or Busch. And I’d prefer if it were in a bottle, but again, all I need is the beer. It can be a Smithwicks. It can be a Red Hook Blonde Ale. It can be a Budweiser. Just set up a game of cornhole and pop the tops. Its summer beer.


Keith: XX – Also a story from the country club. I was working on a Fiesta for the Kitchen staff naturally because our kitchen staff was largely hispanic. My boss hosted a ‘fiesta’ at his house every year for them. I was tasked with figuring out the menu and my boss scribbled down what he expect for beer and food. I walked around with a clipboard that said BEER – CORONA? and nearly every person requested Dos Equis over Corona … well I love mexican beers the same way I love mexican food. This beer is available all year round but its truly delicious during the summer … oh yeah and it doesn’t need any fruit. Its actually sort of like Rolling Rock except it tastes good. They even have a delicious Amber variety … but that’s more of a fall one for me.

Jesus: Goose Island 312- The logical Goose Island choice for summer would seem to be its India Pale Ale but not for me. Goose Island also has Summertime, but I’m not taking my chances since I have Summer Ale. Another wheat beer, 312 has a spicy aroma and creamy body, the best of both worlds. While it works perfectly in the summer, its not a seasonal beer, so you can grab a pint whenever you need one.


In a shocking twist CadaverBlender agrees on something and picks the same beer!

Keith: Sam Adam’s Summer Ale! – Many years ago I was working at a country club and my owner wisely decided to replace the MGD tap at the Snack Shop with Summer Ale tap. Occasionally the camera would get bumped and we’d enjoy a round. Ever since then I fell in love. It wasn’t my first beer it was just probably the best to date. People usually assume I’m overselling them on the Summer Ale when I demand they try it or even buy them one … but all it takes is one and they’re hooked. Years ago Summer Ale didn’t even explain what “grains of paradise” were on the bottle, I believe Jesus just spotted it on the wrapper at the neck of the bottle. And every time we enjoy one he says something to the effect of “wow good grains of paradise”

Jesus: Sam Adams Summer Ale- In my book the undisputed beer of summer. I’m not a huge fan of wheat beer (or fruity beer for that matter), but this spectacular blend, with its lemon zest and grains of paradise (a rare pepper from Africa), hits the spot on a hot summer day. Summer Ale is crisp and finishes clean, so much so that it should be available year round. Waiting for Summer Ale to hit the shelves is like waiting for Christmas, painstakingly slow. It seems as though its beginning to hit shelves earlier each year (I spotted it in early April this year) but not early enough for me. On more than one occasion I’ve been tempted to stock up on Summer Ale to tide me over during the dreary winter months.

Much like the movie Beerfest … I had to open a beer before I finished this post. Oh yeah its summer ale. Another quick story though, Jesus and I drove to three stores on the night before the derby looking for summer ale. Yep we’re dedicated and retarded. We’re also going to continue tinkering with the style here and there … topic to topic until we hit perfection or get too lazy (the more likely scenario). As usual weigh in because with only like 4 beers mentioned and Jesus’ catch all there is more to the world, so if you know about it and think we’d enjoy it – share it. Even better send us a sample, one of our mutual vices is “free beer”

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Oh yeah finally a little love for our favorite greek Little Nick … check out his staycations!

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  1. Lisa

    Summer and beer go perfectly together. So do beer and peeing a lot! Happy Summer!

  2. Leah Byrd

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