For those of you who know me and Keith, you know that we are never one to pass up the opportunity to drink. For those of you who don’t know us, well let me tell you, me and Keith never pass up the opportunity to drink. But don’t worry, we’re not alcoholics. Or at least I’m not an alcoholic because I’m still in school (What you got Keith?). But thats beside the point, because today we are here to offer you our favorite alternatives to drinking. See, we don’t drink all the time and we know how to have a good time without alcohol. So the next time you want something to do but don’t want/need alcohol to make it entertaining (and you thought such tasks were impossible to come by) then feel free to use any of the alternatives you find on the list. What are your favorite alternatives to drinking?


3 Responses to “Best Alternatives to Drinking”

  1. Mark

    I’ll drink to that.
    Very nice.

  2. Mom/Mary Jane

    I should have known! I was actually curious about the alrternatives.

  3. oksy time to be sober

    Damn you …. DUE TO a medical condition (not related to my liver), i’ve had to stop drinking and was hoping there was somthing else to do. i tried to think back to the days before I started drinking, but that was back in middle school and I usually played dungens and dragons with my friends (gllleeeeee) or build model rockets. bOTH OF which i no long can associate myself with or have the reasonable means to obtain. SO WTF am i suppose to figure out what to do. LAST night I went to comedy works, which is normally funny, but I found myself not laughing. I GUESS improve isnt funny without booz.

    So …. i guess I;ll continue my search for things to do without the Lushish nector of the gods elsewhere.
    On word to the next google search.

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