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March 30th, 2008

Yesterday we brought you our predictions for the winners from the National League divisions and today we complete our picks with the American League. Remember, we know nothing, unless we are right.  Be sure to check out all the picks and leave your own picks in the comments.

 East (Damn East Coast Bias, Always Talking About the Rays)

Keith-Â Alright I’m gonna throw this out there … the Yankees. I don’t really love anyone in the East … but I’ll pick the Yankees because Boston has been so strong as of late. I like Joe G as a manager and I think he’s going to have success. The Yankees are pretty balanced and they did not make any blockbuster deals this offseason. So between the lack of moves and the new manager, and me seeing it as unlikely to Boston to continue its success (remember a few short years ago when they were lovable losers instead of a power franchise with fans that talk funny?).

Jesus– If pitching matters (and last time I checked it did) then the Red Sox are going to take the East. The Yankees so-called ace is Chien-Ming Wang. Not the guy I’d want to be #1 in my rotation if I had the biggest payroll in baseball. So he was 19-7 with a 3.70 ERA last year, seems like a #2 guy to me. And as its been for years this is a 2 horse race at the end. Red Sox and Yankees. I’ll take the defending World Champions.

Central (Yes, the Royals are technically still a Major League team)

Keith-Â I like the Indians. I don’t normally pick teams from Ohio to win anything but I’ll make an exception. I think the White Sox are going to hold steady but become nothing dynamic, and I think the Twins don’t improve by losing Johan. So my defacto choice is the reigning champ. The Indians have a great lineup and they’re pitching should be solid again this year, maybe problems in the pen but again, I’d like to know who’s better in this division?

Jesus– There is one flaw and one flaw only in my selection. And quite frankly if its not worked out then the team I’m predicting will not win the division. There is a giant question mark when it comes to setup and closing games for the Detroit Tigers. The offense is not going to be a problem, but blown saves will be enough to cost the Tigers crucial games down the stretch no matter how good their offense is. Tigers can and probably do eat Indians on a regular basis. Since Indians are people from the sub-continent of India. Right?

West (Always Competitive, Always)

Keith-Â I’m picking the Angels. They put out a solid team every year and they seem to have a formula to dominate the division and win games. I’d like to pretend like there is more to making the playoffs in baseball, but being able to consistently do the above is enough. I’d like to see K-Rod be a bit scarier down the road, more of a household name if he’s
going to peak.

Jesus– Keith, when do you think we’re going to be a family again? Ok so maybe the Angels aren’t going to win the pennant, but they will take the West. The Mariners have what it takes to win the division and if the A’s can get to the All-Star break at .500 they are notorious for second half surges it’ll be the usual competitive fight until the end. Gotta love Vlad swinging at everything and looking good doing it.


Keith– This should be the Red Sox, but instead here we go BLUE JAYS. I see a little shake up in the East and the AL overall and I like the Blue Jays who seem to be making solid moves year in year out to finally click it and come in second in a good division. This is mostly because I don’t like when the Yankees and Red Sox to play each other in the ALCS again … so call my picks hopeful

Jesus– Since its the AL its going to be a team that has a record that is good enough to have won both the NL Central and NL West. There are plenty of good teams to choose from here, but I’m going with the Mariners.

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