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March 29th, 2008

Depending on what team you cheer for the baseball season started last Tuesday (Boston and Oakland), starts tomorrow (Atlanta and Washington D.C.), or starts Monday (the rest of the league). The Red Sox and Athletics split an opening series in Japan, while the Braves and Nationals play on Opening Night in a one game series which is not to be confused with Opening Day when every team plays except the Red Sox and Athletics. Got it? Good because its time Keith and I make our predictions for the season. Here’s the usual disclaimer: We have no inside information that makes this task any easier. Don’t use our predictions to bet the house unless you aren’t concerned about the possibility of losing it (Which may happen any way with this economy). These are purely educated guesses based on the information available to the public. We will probably be wrong, but on the rare occurrence we are correct we do have the right to rub it in. When we are wrong, they simply mean nothing. The National League is up to bat along with your predictions. Who you got?

East (Once Upon a Time the Braves Ruled the Roost)

Keith– I can’t think of many reasons not to pick the New York Baseball Mets. Well either way the only compelling reason to pick against them is a spectacular collapse last year with similar talent, but thats not much of an indicator is it? Still I like the odds on the talent with the Mets click, I can name three players other than Johan Santana, but why? My baseball cheat sheet says pitching is important. Also some insider info, Jesus’ favorite stadium is Shea Stadium, just ask him.

Jesus– What is it with New York teams shortening their names? New York Knicks. Come on Knickerbockers is a lot more amusing. And then there’s the New York Mets. What’s so wrong with Metropolitans? The point I’m trying to make is that I’m taking the Mets to win the division. I’m ready for Johan Santana to replace Pedro Martinez as the ace on this squad because I think Pedro is the most overrated pitcher in the ESPN era. We get it Tim Kurkjian you would have Pedro’s baby if you could.

Central (Where Baseball Goes to Die)

Keith– Well first let me say I foresee another crap year for this division, so I’ll go ahead and pick my favorite team, The Chicago Cubs. Let me make some compelling reasons, the offense is good and balanced, they’re quick and they could have some power. The pitching will hold up and I see big things from the lefties (Lilly, and Hill). I think that between Soriano, Lee and Ramirez we’ll see a solid offense. And overall I like the Cubs as much as any team in the division.

Jesus– Let me put this bold prediction out on the forefront. I once proclaimed and continue to stand by my prediction that the Cubs will not win the World Series during my lifetime. It’s been 100 years what’s another 75? Bold, of course, but since my prediction about Wood and Prior was so accurate I feel comfortable making it. With that said, somebody has to win the Central and that will be, of course, the first team to 82 wins. Considering the competition I’ll take the Cubs.

West (Where Three Teams Have Better Records Than the Winner of the Central)

Keith– The Diamondbacks are my favorite to win this division. I think they strike some remarkable balance and I see them improving on last season. They play in a balanced division and they’re now improving experience wise. I like the pitching especially if The Big Unit can return to productivity.

Jesus– This division is going be a dog fight and I can’t get beyond the fact that the best manager of my lifetime has surfaced in Los Angeles and is now at the helm of the Dodgers. I’m talking about Joe Torre. So when the scrum between the Dodgers, Diamondback, Padres, and Rockies erupts I’ll take the experience of Mr. Torre. Which of course will be followed with an early exit from the playoffs.


Keith– I will follow a trend from last year and get my WC from the West. I think the Dodgers take this spot. As tough as the West is I see that the big change for the Dodgers is Torre and an upgrade in managers is an important factor that is often overlooked. That being said the Padres have some awesome pitching and the Rockies were pretty good last year.

Jesus– I want to put the Brewers here, but I can’t considering what I just laid out. I want to put the Phillies here, but they are the Phillies. This is the National League so its going to be a group of teams hovering around .500 during the last week of the season and the leader is going to change at least 12 times during the last week with the Rockies coming out on top.

Check back tomorrow for the Best of the American League.

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