There is Time to Kill Today

March 17th, 2008

Who knew that the extreme difference between time zones around the globe was actually 26 hours? And you thought there were only 24 hours in a day. But all time is relative and the only thing that matters is what time zone you’re in. That’s where we’re going to help. With so many time zones to choose from we’re going to make it easy to plan your next vacation around any of the six time zones below. In particular order, the top three time zones of Keith, followed by my top three time zones. What’s your favorite time zone and what makes it better than the six we’ve pushed upon you?


1. CST – China Standard Time

China flag Sure way back when Ben Franklin realized the US was too big to have one national time, and that was even before we had California. Some people called him a genius for the idea, not me. The People’s Republic of China has it right, one land one time zone. Think they have jet lag? Hell no, because the time never changes. Think there’s confusion about what time Idol is on? Nope, starts at 7, not 8/7C and a delayed feed to the west. Think their Cubs games start at 10PM? Nope if they watch the Cubs at all its on replay the next day but let me tell you, its on the same time everywhere and I love that.

2. CST – Central Standard Time (US)

10/9CI will fully acknowledge my bias here, I grew up on good old fashioned central time. I would always listen for the second time announced. 9 / EIGHT CENTRAL, they give that second number and it was always most important. Nothing ever started too early, and nothing ever went too late. Conan was on by 11:30 most nights and the local Fox affiliate always had something to compete with WGN’s 9 O’Clock news. Prime time was starting just as dinner was digesting and I was midway through my second after dinner highball.

3. British Summer Time

Alright, I couldn’t find any other CST’s, so I went with BST. Most flats in London don’t have air conditioning because it doesn’t get that hot there, and they seem to wear a lot of ties all year long so I don’t really know if British Summer time is as fun as it originally sounded. Still summer is at the very least a top 4 season with me, so this one gets my final nod.


1. EDT- Eastern Daylight Time

Summer AleI’ll take this variant on Eastern Standard Time as my top time zone. I’m biased having spent 85%+ of my life in Eastern Time. Now consuming 8 months of the calendar, one might be confused as to why the rest of the year is the so called “standard”. Living just east of the transition from Eastern Time to Central Time meant summer afternoons lasted well past 9PM and catching lightning bug s (not fireflies) couldn’t start until nearly 10PM. Eastern Time is the first American time zone and therefore the best time zone, with primetime television kicking off at 8PM and usually concluding by midnight, giving you plenty of time after dinner to accomplish other tasks but allowing enough time for a good night’s rest. So let us all grab ANOTHER 6-pack of Sam Adam’s Summer Ale to celebrate Eastern Daylight Time, because with the extra daylight we have time to finish another 6-pack before nightfall.

2. NT- Newfoundland Time

NewfoundlandNewfoundland isn’t alone, but it’s part of a minority that has a time zone based on half an hour difference. Situated between Saint Pierre and Miquelon Standard Time (exactly) and Atlantic Standard Time, it chooses to be 4:30 when its 5:00 in SP&M 4:00 in AST. How’s that for “Hey, fuck you!?It doesn’t seem to be practiced much anymore (which is a crying shame), considering when the time zones were established Newfoundland was separate dominions. However, it was very nice to have a New Year on the half hour when I celebrated the millennium by staying up for 24 hours and celebrating New Year for every time zone. Talk about getting to know Peter Jennings. God, to be young.

3. UTC+13- Coordinated Universal Time +13 (Phoenix Islands)

How does an area go from UTC-11 to UTC+13? Well if you’re any good at basic subtraction you can easily determine that the difference between +13 and -11 is 24. If we carry that out further, there are 24 hours in a day, and on December 30, 1994, the Phoenix Islands decided they would not “pass go” and would not “ collect $200” and “went directly” to January 1, 1995 therefore skipping an entire day and making that seemingly impossible jump from UTC-11 to UTC+13. Badass in my book.

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  1. Greg's mom

    Quite an interesting topic. I will admit that when I read what this collaborative blog was going to be I was a bit concerned about the content. But, so far so good. I do realize this is the first one and you both wanted to get off to a good start, right?
    I have bookmarked it and will check back in often.

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  3. Theresa

    Lots of new information here. Wow. I’d never given time zones so much thought.

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