No, its not what you’re thinking.  Keith and I couldn’t get a hold of any Auto-Tune in time.  So you’re getting a list of our favorite Christmas songs.  And they come in oh so many varieties – religious or secular; serious or funny; catchy or annoying.  Whatever the case may be, its hard not to like a seasonal Christmas tune.  It’s not like there are many Hanukkah songs to choose from.  So without further ado, five songs from each of us, that must be on the play list as you, “deck the halls, with boughs of holly.” Read more »

Few people know that Keith and I do a running commentary of the Oscars every year. It started when we lived together back in undergrad but continues to this day. Sunday’s broadcast marked the third time it occurred through AIM and being the smart people we are we decided to save the best of a dialogue this time around. So without further ado here is the “Best of Jesus’ and Keith’s Oscar Commentary.” (Editors note: Content has been edited only for clarity. Reader discretion is advised.) Read more »

Costumes of Halloween Past

October 29th, 2008

This post started out in usual CadaverBlender fashion as an attempt to rank our favorite Halloween costumes from our youth. But after Jesus’ Mom was able to round up photographic evidence of eleven costumes from his youth, he decided it would be more enjoyable to post all the pictures and embarass a few people. With a Mom who can make any costume you imagine, you take full advantage of it. Keith lists his favorites but you’ll need an imagination because the photo evidence is lacking. So now, the costumes of Halloween past. Read more »

The Story of Tiny Ted

October 22nd, 2008

The road trip to Bloomingpaign (that’s Bloomington, IN and Champaign, IL with stop over at the Indianapolis International Airport) had one simple goal: get a photo that could serve as Jesus’ new Facebook profile picture. Judging the weekend on that criteria, it was a great success. Judging the weekend on any other criteria, it was a great success. I can’t recall one time when I returned from a road trip and thought, “Well that was a fucking waste of time.” And this wasn’t any normal road trip. It took advanced planning to make sure Keith was not left stranded at the airport. So without further ado let CadaverBlender tell you the Story of Tiny Ted.

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CadaverBlender Returns

October 15th, 2008

After a month without a post and three months since anything of substance (yeah, the NCAA football picks, which we couldn’t even keep up with, were just cheap filler) CadaverBlender returns Monday, October 20 with a spectacular travel diary. That’s right, CadaverBlender is hitting the road. The last time that occurred (well at least when half of CadaverBlender traveled) some earth shattering shenanigans occurred. Of course I’m talking about the Booze Sandwich. Don’t miss out on the goodness come Monday!

College Pick ‘ems Week 4

September 20th, 2008

Normally on an off week for Illinois we could usually make the joke “BYE @ Illinois? hmmm I’ll go with Vegas and take BYE” everyone got a good chuckle then waited about 15 minutes to hear the joke again slightly modified. You can’t expect to even win BYE week when you struggle for 3 wins. Unfortunately while Illinois looks decent, there are many questions … but we’re not even going to bother with BYE weeks because there are way better random games out there. Read more »

College Pick ’ems Week 3

September 13th, 2008

It’s not easy picking the most useless games of any given college football weekend. However its impossible to pass up big name college teams in low key games that the talking heads will try to tell you are important but mean absolutely nothing to those outside the alumni bases. And we got a doozy this week. The picks follow.

Keith: Duke, Buffalo, Notre Dame, Illinois, Charleston Southern

Jesus: Navy, Temple, Notre Dame, Illinois, Miami-O

For the first time in the 2008 season Keith wins the week, with a not-so impressive 3-2 moving to 7-8 overall (he can taste .500). And Jesus finishes with a 2-3 moving to 10-5 overall.

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College Pick’ems Week 2

September 5th, 2008

You’re in luck this week – Keith selects the totally inconsequential NCAA games to be picked. As it stands on the season Jesus is 5-0 and Keith is 2-3. Read the games and make your own picks, you have to care about at least one of these games (I sincerely hope you can understand the sarcasm!)


Keith: Navy, Robert Morris, Illinois, Howard, SDSU

Jesus: Ball State, Morehead St., Illinois, Georgetown, SDSU

Well no 5-0 for Jesus this week, Georgetown/Howard is postponed because Hurricane Hannah swept through the area. Jesus went 3-2 this week to move to 8-2 overall, and Keith went 2-3 again to move to 4-6.

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If there’s one thing that Keith and I are good at, its selecting the winner of NCAA games that rarely, if ever, matter in the scheme of the season. Sure it means something to the Towson graduate, or the Appalachian State football mom, but we’re not going to see any of these teams in late December nor on or after New Years (except maybe Illinois and their opponent, its an obligatory game to pick). So with Week 1 of the NCAA upon us, its time to make our selections. Feel free to join in in the comments.


Keith: Northwestern, LSU, James Madison, Illinois, Louisville

Jesus: Northwestern, LSU, DUKE, Mizzou, Kentucky

Looks like Keith brought a knife to the gun fight … Jesus moves to 5-0 and Keith settles in at 2-3. Tune in next week for more totally inconsequential football picks!

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One of the best personality tests for a random stranger is whether or not they enjoy roller coasters. It happens to say a lot about your personality, they aren’t of great risk (most have stellar safety records) and they just provide an insane amount of entertainment. The experience itself is like any great plot, you build up waiting in line, getting ready, ascending the hill, and then you hit your peak and ride down, off the momentum of a greak peak’s energy (sometimes an extra boost) and you finish it all leaving quite satisfied. A great amusement park can hold up a vacation, the best ones come with spectacular Roller Coasters and we’re here to rate the Best Coasters …

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